Rodent control

Aug 28, 2020

Prevention is better than cure. The preferable control program includes the encouragement of raptors to establish in the area, the destruction of rodent nests / burrows, and, only when necessary, the use of rodenticides.

AVIMA’s Rodex and Rodex Raptor ranges provide two active ingredients for the control of various rodents when rodenticides are the only option.  Brodifacoum (Rodex) is a single-feed rodenticide which will eliminate rodents after a single feed.

Fig.1 Pesky Rodent

Difenacoum (Rodex Raptor) is a multiple-feed rodenticide which requires the rodent to feed on the bait for two to three consecutive days before it dies.  Regardless of the different modes of action, both ranges prove to be highly affective and are a more affordable solution.  Avi-Knaagdood can also be included in the rodent control program and contains zinc phosphide in a ready-to-use bait.

Fig.2 Rodex Bait Blocks

It is crucial to settle for the correct bait for the situation.  The Rodex Raptor range performs outstanding when grain and other food sources are scarce.  This is also the best time to target rodents because they will appear more eager to gnaw on the bait.  Difenacoum also possesses a lower risk of secondary poisoning and can be included in a rodent control program involving raptors.  When the infestation is higher, especially during planting and when stored grain is abundant, it is advisable to apply Rodex products containing Brodifacoum or Avi-Knaagdood containing zinc phosphide which will affect the rodent even with a single feed.

Rodex and Rodex Raptor are available in various formulations including wax bait blocks and pellets.  The unique design of the bait block makes these ideal for bait stations as the hole in the block provide a firm anchor point.  The variation along the sides of the block create different edges that encourages gnawing, increasing the amount of product ingested.  The blocks are also more resistant to extreme conditions and can be used outdoors.

Pellets is versatile in the sense that they can be applied indoors as well as outdoors using bait stations.  The high-quality base material is very attractive to rodents and the active ingredient is dispersed throughout the pellet more evenly.  Because of the serving size, the pellets can be placed at more feeding points within an area and are ideal to form part of a pulse-bait program.

Fig3. Rodex Pellets

Fig.4 Raptor Paste

It is important to follow an approved rodent control program and ensure the safe and responsible application of rodenticides to prevent rodenticide resistance and to avoid injury to or death of animals or people.  For more information, please visit CropLife SA fact sheet for Rodenticide Resistance Management on the Resources page under the Infographics section (  AVIMA only supports rodent management programs which entails the application of registered products either in bait stations or inside the rodent burrows to avoid harm to other animals or birds.