Our vast portfolio includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, molluscicides, plant growth regulators, seed treatments, stored product protection, as well as speciality pest and locust management and adjuvants.


Not all insects are harmful. But that does not mean that your crops will remain unaffected by the bad ones. Thanks to our product range and extensive understanding, we can help protect your hard-earned yield from encroaching insect threats.


Weeds are plants too. To ensure that your crops outlast and outgrow the competition, you will require proper products and expertise. Our range of herbicides and our skilled staff have the solution to the challenge.


Microorganisms are part of the natural balance but may cause unwanted problems in crops. Our range of fungicides will assist in protecting your plants against unnecessary damage from these diseases.


Snails and slugs appear to be slow but can cause significant problems to plants. We offer sustainable solutions that will slow them down even more.

Plant Growth Regulators

Plants need to be controlled sometimes, be it to enhance, slow down, or manipulate their growth. We can assist to ensure your plants behave more the way you need them to.

Seed Treatment & Stored Product Protection

Seeds bear the start of life as well as the nourishment for man and animal. Protecting the seed before planting and after harvest form part of the protection chain to ensure that quality food gets produced for the nation. Our range of products will protect your seeds’ potential.

Speciality Pest Management / Locust Management

On occasion there are sporadic outbreaks of pests which do not form part of the usual pest range. These times require specialist products and experienced expertise. For this reason, we offer solutions for locusts and Tsetse fly management.


Sometimes we need some help. Chemicals also require some assistance to function optimally under different conditions and that is why we have a variety of adjuvants to improve the performance of your agrichemicals.

Kannar Earth Science

Kannar is an organic product range focusing on insecticides and fungicides that are distributed by AVIMA.


Demonstration Video


Demonstration Video

Our Trusted Partners

Our partnerships with Klub M5 and Ortus further enhance our holistic offering approach. Ortus, with its Terbufos-based formulation, is top of the market when it comes to helping farmers control nematodes and improve crop yields. KlubM5 continually strives for agricultural sustainability by utilising Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

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