Benchmarking a

better future

Introducing AVIMA

Your Partner in Africa

At AVIMA we make a tangible difference to the living and livelihoods of millions of people on the African Continent … Rooted in a rich history of nearly 60 years and across more than 25 countries, we pride ourselves in the products and services we offer in the agricultural and public health sectors. Our approach combines innovative products with well-developed support packages and a team of experts with the aim of protecting lives (integrated vector management), maintaining food security (crop protection) and creating pest-free environments (environmental health) by benchmarking a better future.

Our portfolio, including urban pest control, malaria vector control, crop protection, seed enhancement, stored product protection, contract formulation and packaging, and Tsetse fly and locust control, is rooted in our 7-point benchmark that is our brand promise to you.


1. Best quality products

Best quality products from registered and approved sources with good reputation complying with the regulations of all countries where such products are distributed.

2. Traceable quality management

Traceable quality management from source to point of sale, including the efficient application of all required EHS standards into our production process to ensure our operations are environmentally responsible.

3. Agile formulation abilities

Agile formulation abilities designed to produce desired performance (formulation type, application methods, etc.) for customer needs providing efficacy that is on par with similar premium products.

4. Reduced product-to-market time frame through sustainability

Sustainably improve and standardise our production to reduce our production-to-market time frame.

5. Technical and after-sales support

Superb technical support and after-sales advice for every product.

6. Price stability and competitiveness

Price stability, cost effectiveness, and price competitiveness despite market fluctuations that guarantees reliable supply of products.

7. Utilising local expertise

Proud tradition of utilising local expertise and technology for manufacturing our range of products.


Our comprehensive basket of products includes crop protection, disease vector control (malaria and others), urban pest control and specialised products for Tsetse fly and locust control. Combined with our tailormade support services and logistics solutions, you can be assured of an all-encompassing partnership.



Our vast portfolio includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, molluscicides, plant growth regulators, seed treatments, stored product protection, as well as speciality pest and locust management and adjuvants. Partner with us today for holistic solutions and support for your agricultural business.


We specialise in malaria vector control and Tsetse fly management, having worked with major businesses and national governments in the effective control thereof across all of sub-Saharan Africa. We follow an integrated product solution approach, supported by information, capacity building and on-the-ground services …


Healthy surroundings lead to happy and productive communities. We are therefore committed to the creation of sanitary and pest-free environments through our comprehensive environmental health products. Our offering includes general pest management, rodenticides as well as fly and termite management.


Gerhard Verdoorn
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18 Aschenberg Street, Chamdor, Krugersdorp, South Africa.

Benchmarking a

better future