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Our comprehensive basket of products includes crop protection, disease vector control (malaria and others), urban pest control and specialised products for Tsetse fly and locust control. Combined with our tailormade support services and logistics solutions, you can be assured of an all-encompassing partnership.

AVIMA is committed to a holistic approach ensuring that our clients have access to the appropriate type and quality of product, backed up by market leading support towards the safe and effective application of our products (advice, training and product stewardship).


Our vast portfolio includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, molluscicides, plant growth regulators, seed treatments, stored product protection, as well as speciality pest management and adjuvants.

Partner with us today for holistic solutions and support for your agricultural business.


We specialise in malaria vector control and Tsetse fly management, having worked with major businesses and national governments in the effective control thereof across all of sub-Saharan Africa. We follow an integrated product solution approach, supported by information, capacity building and on-the-ground services to sustainably protect lives from deadly diseases carried by vectors.


Healthy surroundings lead to happy and productive communities. We are therefore committed to the creation of sanitary and pest-free environments through our comprehensive environmental health products. Our offering includes general pest management, rodenticides as well as fly and termite management. We are also continually striving toward sustainability through increased environmental responsibility.

Our Trusted Partners

Our partnerships with Klub M5 and Ortus further enhance our holistic offering approach. Ortus, with its Terbufos-based formulation, is top of the market when it comes to helping farmers control nematodes and improve crop yields. KlubM5 continually strives for agricultural sustainability by utilising Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

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