Healthy surroundings lead to happy and productive communities. We are therefore committed to the creation of sanitary and pest-free environments through our comprehensive environmental health products.

General Pest Management

There are 4 aspects to efficient pest control consisting of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), appropriate mechanical equipment, effective chemicals, and professional staff.


Rodenticides are pesticides that kill rodents, including mice, rats and gerbilles. They are formulated as baits with attractive substances. Rodenticide baits can form part of a sustainable rodent control program.

Termite Management

Termite Management Systems involve specialised chemical or physical products designed to prevent termites from accessing buildings from underneath or via concealed routes.

Our Trusted Partners

Our partnerships with Klub M5 and Ortus further enhance our holistic offering approach. Ortus, with its Terbufos-based formulation, is top of the market when it comes to helping farmers control nematodes and improve crop yields. KlubM5 continually strives for agricultural sustainability by utilising Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

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