• Manufacturers and distributors
    of crop protection, public health
    pesticides and equipment

  • Protecting our farmers’ crops with a
    world class range of insecticides,
    fungicides and herbicides

  • We offer a range of specialised products to
    specifically combat Tstetse Fly & Locusts

  • Leading suppliers of application and protective
    equipment across a range of industries

  • Leading the way in the fight against Malaria
    and other vector based diseases

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Welcome to Avima

Avima has lead the way in the manufacture of pesticides for the agriculture and public health sectors for more than 55 years, providing customers with technical and operational expertise alongside a wide range of solutions. Our product portfolio is extensive, so our clients get what they need, when they need it.

Technical Support Services

Avima is not only a supplier of insecticides, but brings many years of in-field technical and operational experience to planning, setting up and supporting the agricultural community with pest control.